Delivery Policy

In this Policy we refer to everything related to the delivery of the product to your home.

It is important to keep in mind at all times that:

- The maximum delay time for shipments is 60 days, if the shipment does not arrive in 60 days you should contact us through the following email:

- Orders are only processed on business days, that is from Monday to Friday. If you want your shipment to be processed during the weekend (Saturday or Sunday) you must indicate it when you are making your purchase.

- The days it takes to receive the product will depend on the country and the mail company where you have your residence.

- You will be assigned a tracking number by email, in a maximum of 3 days, after making the purchase.

- If you want to expedite and be the first in the order list, you have the option to mark that request when you are placing your order.

- If you order more than one product, it is normal to arrive separately, because we have different suppliers in various parts of the world. And for that same reason you will receive two tracking numbers 3 days after the purchase.

- As previously stated, we have different suppliers in several countries such as: in the United States, Europe and Asia. Our standard order processing time is 4 days (including packaging, handling and courier delivery).

- Shipping is completely free and may vary from 20 to 60 days, depending on the country of destination.

- Delivery to your home will depend on your local post office.

- We are not responsible for the product having arrived at the destination, and you have not been able to receive it, the mail company of your province will be responsible for leaving a notification so you can withdraw directly from the post office.

- Examine your order at the time of delivery to make sure there are no visible signs of damaged, missing or incorrect parts. In the event that there are factory defects, you have a period of 15 days to contact us, from the day of purchase, to make any changes. Read the Refund Policy.

- We can`t  make changes to the delivery address, once your order has been made online, no modification can be made, since the order begins to be processed almost immediately in our system to ensure exact compliance with the order. delivery of it. If the delivery address must be changed, the order must be canceled and then a new one made with the relevant modifications.